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The Teacher Interacive Assessment Tool is a must have assessment tool for every educator. Boost student performance by using TIAT today!

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Teacher Interactive Assessment Tool


App Features

Smart Recording

The TIAT in-built spreadsheet is a spreadsheet on steroids! TIAT guides you in recording marks in an informative manner. This allows for in-depth analysis of student performance!

Quick performance analysis

With just a few clicks, perform in-depth performance analysis for each task! No need for a pocket calculator! Save loads of time and focus on teaching and diagnosing students performance.

Captivating Visualization

Get informative performance reports with the aid of graphs and tables

Diagnostic assessment

Allows teacher to determine students' individual strengths, weaknesses, knowledge and skills by performing:

  • Question by question analysis
  • Topic by topic analysis
  • Individual analysis
  • General analysis
  • among others ...
  • Integration with other apps

    TIAT allows you to export/ import student data with other apps such as Microsoft Excel, PDF readers and SA-SAMS. Reports can be printed directly from the app or emailed to parents!

    24/7 Support

    Get 24/7 support from our TIAT team. We provide application maintenance as well as training and workshops!

    About Us

    The TIAT company is a team of Educators, Data scientists and Software developers, dedicated to improve student perfromance. They do this by providing tools to assist educators perform quality assessments among other educator aids. Download the TIAT app and try for free for 3 months!

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    Hear from our team

    Developing the TIAT app was a collaborative effort from between members of the TIAT team coming from different backgrounds such as Education, data science and Information technology. Consultation we had with different schools and colleges allowed us to incoperate the edutors needs into the tool and give the Educator the best tool for student assessment.


    Tech Lead, TIAT
    We listened to queries from educators during our outreach program and managed to develop a tool that meet our clients needs. We value our client feedback allowing us to continuously improve our products


    Sales, TIAT
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    Standard Monthly Plan


    for the first 10 licences. R35/month thereafter

    What you get:
    • ✔ The TIAT app with full features
    • ✔ Regular app updates
    • ✔ 24/7 support from TIAT company
    • ✔ Training on assessment best practices

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    Standard Yearly Plan


    for the first 10 licences. R400/year thereafter

    What you get:
    • ✔ The TIAT app with full features
    • ✔ Regular app updates
    • ✔ 24/7 support from TIAT company
    • ✔ Training on assessment best practices

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    Once Off

    R799once off

    Without updates

    What you get:
    • ✔ The TIAT app with full features
    • ✔ Limited support from TIAT company
    • ✔ Training on assessment best practices
    • ✕ No Regular app updates

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    What is TIAT?

    TIAT is a Desktop application designed for Educators to assist in various forms of assessment, diagnostic,formative student assessment etc.

    It is available for download for Windows, Mac or Linux!

    No. TIAT can be used without any internet connection. Once you download the setup file from this website and install, you can use TIAT without any internet connection. However updates can be obtained by downloading a fresh copy of the new TIAT version or by just clicking "Check for updates" with in the app.

    TIAT comes with a detailed manual which you can refer to. If you need more assistance please send us an email at or via our socials

    You can get TIAP app with regular updates for as little as R33/month. You can opt to pay a once off amount of R799 for the latest version of TIAT. With this option you will not be able to get regular updates

    Try TIAT for free for 30 days!

    Join the TIAT family for optimal student performance!

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